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Supporting our local youth programs and impacting our community


Local businesses supporting youth programs and your community by saving money and doing business.

If we can’t help you with any of our solutions we pay you $500, no questions asked.

How the black card benefits your business and your local community

Grow Your Business

Invoteq offers 13 cutting edge solutions that helps your business survive and thrive in todays fast pace economy, ultimately providing added freedom to focus on what matters the most, your family, your customers and your business.

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Donation to your local sports

Up to 40% is donated to your local sports program with the goal to create a no fee sports program. Helping our youth mature and develop into the next leaders of our community.

Donation to your community

Up to 20% is donated to local hospitals and cancer research. Infusing these organizations with thousands of dollars. Local helping local.

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Grow Your Business With The Latest Cutting Edge Technology

There is no cost to participate

We don’t charge to participate in this program, in fact the goal is to save your business money by reducing cost and increasing sales. In the event if we can’t help save you money and increase sales we will pay you $500 immediately.
Run your business more effectively by taking advantage of new regulations that allow the complete elimination of your credit card processing bill for free.
Work on your business instead of working in your business by implementing the latest technology. Easily track your inventory, manage employees, run reports and gain access to the latest apps that will make your life easier.
Gain a giant step ahead of your competition by driving more sales and profits ultimately growing your business. Take advantage of our complete digital marketing agency helping communicate more effectively with visitors and prospects.
Up to 40% of all profits generated are given to support the team that gave you the black card. Helping them cover sport fees, equipment, uniforms, coaches and other fees involved with playing sports.
Partner with a trusted brand. Invoteq’s expertise and vast experience has helped consult over 3500 businesses around the country since 2012. Our mission is to partner with local business to help them reach their potential as a high-performing organization, to be the provider of choice in our industries and to give them the freedom to focus on what matter the most, their customers and their business.
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Grow you business while serving your community.